It’s hard to say No to a child.


Even when the request is small – an extra cookie, a drugstore toy, five more minutes before bedtime – we want to see those bright smiles and happy eyes when we say Yes.


But when a child has suffered from abuse or neglect, when their lives have been turned upside down in an unfamiliar foster home, when they feel they have no one they can count on, saying No isn’t just hard. It’s agonizing.


At the Warren and Forest CASA, we never want to say No to a foster child who needs us. Support from people like you means we won’t have to. Your tax-deductible investment in the nonprofit Warren and Forest CASA allows us to recruit, train, supervise and support more than 5 CASA volunteers every year – caring, knowledgeable people who make sure children have everything they need to heal, to thrive and to find a forever home.

Your donation gives children who've been abused or neglected the powerful voice of a CASA volunteer in court, in school and across our community.


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